Back and lay betting calculator

and lay betting calculator back wager and the lay odds have since fallen below your back odds. If you double chance in betting enter your desired Total back and lay betting calculator Stake as the stake diamond betting app constraint, the calculator will.
Simply enter all relevant data into the highlighted cells of the choosen calculator and use the calculated stake(s) to oppose your original position in order to either lock-in a profit or take a loss. Bonus on loss used when a bonus is awarded for backing a loser and allows users to set the expected bonus retention after rollover. Our back lay or hedging calculator, allows you to calculate your lay bet amounts and your lay liability.
We are making this back and lay betting calculator matched betting calculator available free of charge and you can use it to work out the ideal lay stakes when matched betting whether placing a qualifying bet in order to earn free bets. Hedging is a strategy whereby you lay off a back bet to minimise risk and secure a profitable position.

Back/Lay betting calculator for arbing and trading on betting exchanges

Freebet with freebet on daffa betting app download win used when the free bet will bookie betting qualify for another free bet and back and lay betting calculator allows users to set betting world the expected free bet retention. Download back and lay betting calculator Back And Lay Setup (Version.9; 804kb) (Includes MsComctl. Enter the Price of both the.
Enter the Back Odds available with the bookmaker. Freebet on win used when a free bet is awarded for backing a winner and allows users to set the expected free bet retention. Back and, lay bets.
Enter the Lay Odds available on the exchange. The bets calculator will display the amount to lay on the betting exchange eg You could Lay.26. Enter the value of one stake constraint, caused by available liquidity, a bookmaker s maximum stake limit or just your budget for the arbitrage.
If you havent done so already, be sure to view our guide on hedging with Betfair. Use the betting calculator to work out how much to lay off against a bet made with a bookmaker. Enter your Commission rates and press Calculate.